London Multiple Births Association  

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When and where is the Sale? Is there a cost?

6pm to 9pm on Friday April 25/14. The sale is at the Western Fair District Canada Building, and admission is $2.

Why am I seeing different hours starting at 4:30pm?

At 4:30 pm, LMBA members are allowed into the sale. At 6pm, the sale is open for everyone else.

Why are strollers, wagons and car seats NOT allowed?

For safety reasons. There are many large items and many people, and it gets very busy.

If I bring my stroller, will I be allowed to bring it in?

No. We have an area where you will be able to park your stroller as you shop.

Are children allowed?

They are allowed, but we do not recommend bringing them (as it is very busy. Babies are allowed on body harnesses but please remember that car seats, wagons or strollers are not allowed.

What form of payment do you take?

Cash and debit. There is a bank machine inside in Canada Building as well.

Is this set up like other Mom to Mom sales where everyone has their own tables?

No. We are set up like a store (see the pictures on the Sales page). All high chairs are in one area, all feeding items in another, all the size 3 clothing are on the same racks. You shop, line up to pay, and pay all at once.

What will I find at the sale?

Everything needed while pregnant, and everything for babies and kids!! We have maternity wear, shoes, boots, hats, games, toys for all ages, underwear, socks, tights, bathing suits, costumes, feeding supplies, high chairs, bouncy chairs, bedding, baby gates, room decor, outerwear, clothing, books, DVDS, bikes, potties, etc., etc. It really does need to be seen!

What size clothing is offered?

Preemie to size 16.

Can I bring in my own bags to shop with?

We ask that you use our huge clear shopping bags while shopping. We can put your items in your reusable bags when you check out.