London Multiple Births Association  

LMBA group photo
Group photo taken at the LMBA annual potluck picnic

The London Multiple Births Association (LMBA) is a social support network for families in London, Ontario and surrounding areas.


Upcoming Events for Members 

Summer months

Splashpad Playdates
Come on out and stay cool at London's splashpads throughout the summer months! Impromptu splashpad dates/times will be posted on the LMBA Facebook site. Visit us there for more information.


17: Kids Clothing and Equipment Sale
Canada Building, Western Fair District
Gently used clothing (all sizes), toys, play equipment, baby supplies and more at our fall sale! Go to our Sales page for more information.

Events are open to all LMBA members. If you are expecting or have multiples and would like to join the LMBA please go to the Membership page and download the registration form. Check back soon for events in May, June, and more.