Co-President: Erika Kafka

Erika and her husband Adam joined the LMBA back in 2008 while expecting their dizygotic (fraternal) sons. As first-time parents who were newer to the London area, the LMBA was instrumental in setting up a support system for after their boys’ arrival. Erika quickly found life-long friendships in four LMBA mothers with whom she spent her maternity leave. Though they had very little in common at first glance, all of these women gave birth to twins, as their first children, within six months of one another, and that alone drew them to one another for support and advice. These relationships encouraged Erika to volunteer within the association as she wanted more parents to feel the warmth and support that she had felt.
Over the last 12 years, Erika has volunteered on the Parent Outreach Committee, the Sale Committee, as LMBA Secretary and as both President and Past President. Erika was able to partner with the Early Year’s Centre in Ilderton to support a Multiple Births Family Playgroup for 10 years, ending in February of 2020. Co-owner of Bellies2Babies, Erika works as a doula offering London’s only Multiple Birth Prenatal Class as well as private breastfeeding consults for mother’s of multiples. (Check out the LMBA discount list for a standing discount with Bellies2Babies.)
Throughout the years, Adam and Erika’s family has grown and they are now the proud parents to four young men and a beautiful daughter! In 2019, Erika resumed the role of LMBA Secretary and is thoroughly enjoying introducing new members to the LMBA community!

Co-President: Kim Hill

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Past President: Michelle Addley-Bernard  


Michelle, Brad and big brother Edward joined the LMBA in the Fall of 2014 when they found out they were expecting their identical twins. Michelle, herself, is an identical twin and has firsthand knowledge of what it means to be a twin. The continual support they received from the LMBA and the multiple birth community has been amazing! The friends you gain as a mum of multiples are truly in a league of their own! With the support of the LMBA, Michelle was able to breastfeed the twins well past three and half years. Michelle has been a member of the Parent Outreach Committee and then moved into the role of Social Co-Chair in 2016, and the President role for 2017-2020. In 2019, she received the Multiple Births Canada Making a Difference Award (MADA) Dionne Award while attending the 2019 MBC conference. 2019 brought the loss of Michelle’s identical twin sister and she is currently learning to navigate life’s journey without her twin.
Welcome to an amazing association and all of the joys that come with raising multiples!

Secretary: Ashley Clark

Treasurer: Vacant

Sale Committee Co-Chair: Vacant

Sale Committee Co-Chair: Vacant

Social Committee Co-Chair: Julie Cantin

Social Committee Co-Chair: Danille Gullo

Parent Outreach  Chair: Vacant

Fundraising Chair: Vacant

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